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  1. Felt very comfortable in my driving lesson today. My instructor Graeme gave constructive feedback and helped me to understand key things that I need to remember while driving.

  2. I have learn a lot of things, skills, to my instructor Graeme in my driving lessons today, it was A Very useful in my driving skills and I’m so thankful today for this experience.

  3. Awesome lesson, real friendly and nice. Helped a lot and gave some real good tips and advice, also clarifies questions and any uncertainties i had and helped boost my confidence on the road and in a vehicle.
    Real helpful.

  4. I thought my driving lesson was very helpful for my driving and my instructor was great with everything we looked at, also was relaxed which made it feel easy and comfortable to drive around a new area. This gave me better understanding of the roads .

  5. I found before my 1st lesson with the AA ignition lessons. I was like super bloody nervous. I think because I had never been that exposed to sharing the road with so many other drivers. I had only been on the road for like 4 hrs in total. 4 hrs on a Country road I mean. But I found with my Instructor that he was really cool. Chill to speak to, and just really easy to understand. He gave me a lot of good point. Thanks to our first lesson, I feel just that step more confident than I was prior to the lesson.

  6. Hi had my lesson today . Graham made me feel very comfortable. Helped me a lot and looking for to my next lesson . Jack
    26 November 2019

  7. I had my last lesson of the three AA ignition program lessons with Graeme today, (8/11/19). I found each of these lessons valuable; they have taught me skills that have helped me to better my driving. Graeme is a great driving instructor. He had a very clear way of explaining tasks, making them easy to follow and understand — his positive and supportive attitude made for a safe and enjoyable learning environment.
    Thank you!

  8. Very good instructor. Useful follow up notes with things to practice, nurturing attitude, friendly conversation, and good knowledge of driving . Clarifies uncertainties, and has a relaxed, supportive demeanor instrumental for learning and retaining knowledge.

  9. My driving lessons have been a great experience and I have learnt many skills that I will carry on into my future of driving

  10. Hi
    I really enjoyed my driving lesson today. My instructor Graeme made me feel at ease which allowed me to focus on the lesson. The valuable insights into driving safe from Graeme will help me to have a greater understanding as an road user.
    Thank you

  11. Very Helpful, even from the first lesson i feel strongly improved in the areas that needed inproving.